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BRYANS ROAD, Md. — The BayNet podcast, “Get Real with Chris & Mark,” invited Anthony McFarland and Michaela Nerschbach from Honey Bun Cake Factory to tell the community about their uniquely delicious honey bun cakes and sandwiches.

Located in Bryans Road, Maryland, the Honey Bun Cake Factory serves over 90 flavors of Honey Bun Cake.

On the podcast, Chris Hill and Mark Hill, the hosts, had the pleasure of tasting one of their best sellers, the Honey Bun Rum Cake, with cameral and pecans.

“A Honey Bun Cake, for classification, is a North Carolina dessert. Back in the day, it was called Sweet Bread. Later on, it converted… a big company came and took it over and called it a Honey Bun. No honey is in it. They called it a Honey Bun because it’s shaped like a honeycomb,” McFarland explained.

Unlike the famous boxed dessert, honey bun cake is shaped like a traditional cake but is moist and layered with different flavors based on which cake you choose.

Since early October, the establishment has introduced a line of sandwiches to the menu, making the Honey Bun Cake Factory the perfect pit stop for weekday lunches.

These sandwiches are hefty, weighing in at a quarter pound of meat. Even the wraps are jumbo-sized. Nevertheless, no one leaves hungry after enjoying a meal at Honey Bun Cake Factory.

Chris & Mark challenge their guests to talk about the challenges they are currently facing.

McFarland explained that their biggest challenge is “The price increase. Food cost is consistently increasing as gas is fluctuating.”

Regardless of cost increases, most of their menu items are around the $9 price range.

“It’s our community, and we kind of have to adjust because we want everyone to have the opportunity to try our food,” said Nerschbach.

Through the challenges, what sets Honey Bun Cake Factory apart is its connection to the local community.

“We get supplied with the brisket from Chuck’s, the butcher shop in Bryans Road that’s right next door to us. Which coincidentally, the man is also my direct neighbor. So we kind of have a small network there with everybody,” Nerschbach told Chris & Mark.

“We talk about that a lot, how businesses are working together. It’s really important, and we love it,” Chris continued.

Honey Bun Cake Factory supplies cakes to over 150 restaurants in the DMV. They hope to visit Calvert & St. Mary’s County soon with their mobile food trailer.

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