ANNNAPOLIS, Md. –  The Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA) is exploring the future of travel in our state, which includes understanding the opportunities and challenges around new transportation innovations such as self-driving vehicles, also called autonomous vehicles.

MDOT SHA is conducting a survey to learn about Marylanders’ perspectives on self-driving vehicles, and we want to hear from you and the people in your network. Please take our survey and share these links with your friends, family, colleagues, and anyone in your Maryland network.    [English]     [Spanish]

Flyers in both English and Spanish that can be printed, posted, or disseminated, as appropriate are linked above.

MDOT SHA will also be posting on social media through our Facebook (MDOTSHA) and Twitter (@MDSHA) accounts if you wish to retweet or share for broader engagement. 

The survey closes May 13, 2022 and all questions about this survey should be directed to .

Self-driving vehicles are a key consideration for the future of travel in Maryland and may become a part of everyday life – in fact you may already be driving a car with some of this technology!

MDOT SHA in coordination with the broader Maryland program wants to hear what all Marylanders have to say about self-driving vehicles and how we can plan for a future that meets everyone’s mobility needs. 

Survey answers will help us begin the conversation, improve public awareness, plan for the future of travel with self-driving vehicles, and help keep Maryland a great place to live, work, and play. 

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  1. Everyone should feel much safer knowing that because their computers, ipads, ipods, cell phones and on-line accounts NEVER get hacked by someone else, that their self-driven car will be 100% safe.
    Car-jacked with no one present. Ha! Ha! Ha!

    1. Well you’re mommy drives you around in her minivan so why are you concerned with it?

  2. “Survey answers will help…keep Maryland a great place to live, work, and play.” 
    Funny how the removal of democrats would do the very same thing…

  3. good gosh, its concerning. I’ve been told by ambulance drivers that this county/ this area can’t go 10 days without an auto accident. Could we see a return of payphones before we discuss this?

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