Even people in an unemployment situation, with previous training and experience can find it difficult to shop for a job, the possibilities become more arduous for inexperienced young people who want to find their first job. The first thing we need is to write our CV properly because it will be the document that ‘opens the doors’ to have access to a selection process. But, how can we prepare the curriculum while still a student? What should I put in the CV if I have recently finished my career?

The first thing you should think about when writing your CV is that everyone had to create a first CV, so do not feel that this document will be scarce or empty. What have you done so far? Take some time to analyze it and translate it into a first list; here everything that occurs to you can be relevant to a company, and when structuring it in the CV you will discard what is really interesting or not. Here we explain everything you need to know to make a student resume with no experience.

How to make a CV of student without experience?

Emphasize training. Have you completed a medium or higher degree? Are you pursuing a university degree or have you finished it? Did you start a module but abandoned it in the middle of the course? It is time to capture your student life on paper, so put the center where you did it, the time period and the subject to be treated. If you were a ‘good student’, we recommend that you put your average mark and that you even put those unfinished formations; You can give more details of why you left a course or changed your career in your cover letter.

CV College. Although the CV of a university student is not very different from that of a person who has done a medium or higher degree, there are some specifications. For example, in the curriculum vitae of a university student, a summary of the skills acquired should be made; here you can explain the most relevant knowledge learned over the last few years. Many careers require students to do internships, so here you should say where and when you did them as well as the tasks you carried out. Were your grades admirable? ‘Presume’ of your academic record by putting it in the CV, either the average grade per course or the overall mark of your training. If you attended courses, conferences or seminars it may also be interesting that you put it on paper since in this way the selectors will see what your interests have been in recent years.

Personalization of the curriculum. When a person is actively looking for employment, they send many CVs a day and is usually always the same. However, it is advisable to customize it to the maximum, that is, write it and structure it in an attractive way for the specific company to which we apply. Precisely because your first CV can be easier than making a first version of it can be interesting for all types of companies, but it is always convenient to have two or three CVs structured in a different way or with a more creative design and other more professional. The secret of getting a job interview is not only in a correct writing of the CV, but to reach Human Resources staff at the right time and attract them more than the other candidates.

Importance of languages. Before, languages were only important for multinationals in which they did business with other countries; that is, large companies. However, nowadays the use of other languages is required for all types of jobs. Therefore, the importance of the languages in the curriculum sometimes it has become almost more essential than having a previous experience in a job. If this is your case and you have been able to learn other languages or start to train yourself in it, please sign it on your CV. Similarly, if you have spent a season in another country as Erasmus or doing a summer course, it is also recommended that you indicate it in the curriculum and explain in detail that stage of your student life in the cover letter.

Objectives and interests? Another section that you should include in your CV without experience is that of objectives and interests. Here you must show what you are looking for in your new job and everything you would like to share with the company. This section should appear in the lower part of the document, it should not be too extensive, but reflect in 3 or 4 lines what motivates you to be in search of employment. This is the most customizable section of the curriculum, so if you are very interested in joining a specific company, take a few minutes to modify it to make it more attractive.

If you have doubts to prepare correctly the curriculum with everything seen in this article, do not hesitate to learn more how to make a resume and follow these points to prepare a presentation that allows you to aspire to the desired workplace. That the lack of a higher degree does not suppose a barrier to achieving your labor objective.