Annapolis, Md – During this time, many of us are seeking a taste of normalcy, a taste of what we know and love, and for a lot of us, that’s the local catch. We’ve compiled a few simple ways that you can support your neighborhood seafood restaurants, markets and suppliers at a time when they need it most. And, for you sea–foodies, perhaps when you need it most, too.

To keep the Bay’s seafood industry working through these tough times, the simplest and most effective action we can take is to eat more seafood. Shopping locally at a trusted market supports fishermen and their families, and it keeps our coastal communities thriving. Fishermen, after all, purchase fuel, bait and other supplies from businesses in their area. 

Buying local seafood has always been an important way to contribute to the strength of our waterfront economy. Over the years, ORP and its partners have developed a number of resources intended to help you take advantage of the Bay’s bounty. Click here for some simple steps you can take to support the hardworking men and women in the food service industry.