Huntingtown VFD Pilot Workforce Development Program
Huntingtown VFD Pilot Workforce Development Program

HUNTINGTOWN, Md. – In our continuing effort to develop our members into the best they can be, the Huntingtown Volunteer Fire Department launched a pilot workforce development program led by Captain Ben Jeffery and Lt. Michael Threlfall. The focus of this program is to prepare our high school graduates to enter the job market by learning and practicing interview skills.

Five of our recent graduates participated in this first of a its kind program. Work sessions were held over a period of two months. The program started with job interview basics, review and practice of over 50 potential questions and videotaped practice interviews. It concluded with two interviews by a guest panel where the “candidates” dressed as they would for an actual interview.

The guest panel provided feedback and encouragement and complimented the group on their interview skills. For their last class the group viewed and scored their videotaped interviews.

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