Input Wanted From Public About Walking To School Safety
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ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY, Md. – The Anne Arundel County Public Schools (AACPS) wants to hear from parents and students who walk to school.

The district has partnered with the Department of Public Works and County to conduct a Safe Routes to School project. They hope it will improve safety and accessibility for students who walk or bike to and from 17 elementary schools around the county.

For more information or to provide input via email, visit They will take public comments until November 5th.

They’re also offering one-hour virtual open public webinars through the month of October. The schedule is as follows:

Linthicum ES: 10/3, 6pm –

Brooklyn Park ES: 10/3, 7pm –

Folger McKinsey ES: 10/4, 6pm –

Georgetown East ES: 10/5, 6pm –

Tyler Heights ES: 10/5, 7pm –

Quarterfield ES: 10/10, 6pm –

Richard Henry Lee ES: 10/10, 7pm –

Broadneck ES: 10/12, 6pm –

Crofton Meadows ES: 10/12, 7pm – 

Edgewater ES: 10/17, 6pm –

Four Seasons ES: 10/17, 7pm –

High Point ES: 10/19, 6pm – 

Jacobsville ES: 10/19, 7pm –

Manor View ES: 10/25, 6pm –

Piney Orchard ES: 10/25, 7pm –

Sunset ES: 10/26, 6pm – 

Waugh Chapel ES: 10/26, 7pm –

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  1. The kids in Green Haven and surrounding area has difficulty walking when the County has failed to install sidewalks for them to walk on. They physically have to walk in the road to all the schools in this area. High Point, Northeast Middle & Northeast High school.

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