“As a parent of a child you came to visit, you are doing an amazing thing. My son did not smile or brighten up until Captain America came to visit!! I can’t thank you enough!” – D. Brown, from a thank you note to Foundation 4 Heroes

Baltimore, MD – It takes a team to make things happen and employees, volunteers, families, sponsors and Foundation 4 Heroes did just that.

Johns Hopkins is one of the premier hospitals in the country and has been able to raise over $19 million since their first Radiothon in 1989.

At the helm again was The Mix 106.5. With volunteers answering phones, they broadcasted from the lobby, appealing to the airwaves for help and the community responded.

Over $1.1 million was raised by this year’s effort and it was a tremendous success. This will help fund research, purchase equipment, cover educational programs and cover health care costs insurance may not cover.

Also on hand were Wolverine and Captain America from Foundation 4 Heroes (F4H) who took time to visit and thank the volunteers for their participation. They then spent almost three hours talking to patients and their families throughout the hospital.

Anthony Warneck reprised his role as Captain America and received wonderful accolades from the mother of a patient F4H visited while they were there. Her quote is above. He then received further communication and a longer letter describing how much it meant to her, and her son, and that he still talks about meeting his hero.

Mr. Warneck stated, “Being a part of an organization like this is a lot of work but being able to change the life of a patient, even for a moment, is why I do this. These kids go through so much and for me to sacrifice a little of my time, is nothing. I am still pumped up after having the privilege of inspiring children of all ages for 3 hours!”

Anthony is an employee of Spalding, who graciously allowed him to leave work for this trip.

Also, an integral part of the organization and capturing the antics was Mike Batson of Mike Batson Photography.  Mike and Laura Batson have been around from the start of Foundation 4 Heroes and are well-known in the community for their photographic artistry. 

Many businesses in the community have purchased their pictures for their offices. Bands like Sam Grow, Kix and Comeback Iris are just a few musical acts that love Batson’s work.

Foundation 4 Heroes is filled with caring parents and individuals throughout the community, and in other states, who visit children and Wounded Warriors year-round.
To help them, visit their Foundation 4 Heroes facebook page and hit LIKE. Share their posts to help spread their message. It is an easy way to get involved and be a hero.

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