ANNAPOLIS, Md. (April 25, 2018) – Maryland Municipal League (MML) leadership celebrated alongside Governor Larry Hogan on April 24, 2018 as he signed into law legislation which ensures the municipal highway user revenues (HURs) will flow back to the state’s incorporated cities and towns.

“We applaud sponsors Sen. Richard Madaleno and Del. Pamela Beidle, along with bill co-sponsors, for their commitment to restore gas tax funding, which was rightfully returned to our cities and towns,” said MML President Jake Romanell. “With the funds returning, our transportation infrastructure projects can again become priorities for the safety of our residents.”

Senate Bill 516 and House Bill 807 were approved by the Maryland’s General Assembly during its just completed legislative session. The legislation provides that, from fiscal year 2020 through 2024, municipal government HUR funding will revert to 85% of prerecession levels.

“For the past nine years, MML leadership has worked tirelessly to restore $365 million in transportation funds that were diverted from municipalities to backfill the State’s budget shortfall during the economic downturn,” said Ryan Spiegel, Chairman of MML’s Legislative Committee. “Today is a testament to our state and local elected officials working together to do what is right for our citizens.”

Prior to the Great Recession, municipal HUR $45 million in annual funding made up the vast majority of all annual state aid to cities and towns. In 2009 the more than 96% cuts in HUR aid to municipalities created a tremendous hardship on municipalities trying to maintain their roads and fund transportation infrastructure projects.