Letter To The Editor - Beach Buccaneer Youth Club vs. Town of Chesapeake Beach

UPDATE – May 10th, 2023: We have received a response from Todd Pounds, the Town Attorney for Chesapeake Beach, regarding our open letter. In the interest of transparency, we have immediately replied and requested that the current situation involving the Beach Buccaneers be added to the May 18th, 2023 Town Hall meeting agenda. Both our letter and the response from Todd Pounds can be found on our website at https://www.beachbuccaneers.org/page/show/7970823-club-information. This is a crucial matter, and we appreciate your support and understanding. We’ll keep you updated on any response we receive. #BeachBuccaneers #CommunitySupport #Transparency

CHESAPEAKE BEACH, Md. — The following letter comes from Cheryl Emery of Chesapeake Beach:

“I am writing regarding the Beach Buccaneer Youth Club vs. Town of Chesapeake Beach.

The current situation, and possible eventual extinction of the Bucs, that will lead to the ruination of the Twin Beaches and Calvert County children’s sports, is in YOUR hands!!!

Forty years ago we were Known as “Beach Trash”. The Buc organization has earned respect and given positive activities to TENS OF THOUSANDS of children and parents, as well as created a wholesome, FAMILY FRIENDLY environment for all.

As with any large, non-profit, all-volunteer, successful organization, some of the paperwork may not have always followed bookkeeping protocols. This does NOT imply fraud…just possible ignorance of safety financial guidelines. You can trust them with your children AND your money.

It appears that CB Town Manager has now implemented restraints on the Bucs’ use of Kellam Sports Complex. This will definitely affect their ability to provide much-needed guidance and activities for our children.

Without fundraisers, concession stand revenue, sponsorships, etc., the Bucs cannot afford the costs associated with the youth club. They still need to provide uniforms, equipment, coaches certification, field referees, team registration fees, advertising, office expenses, supplies for sports, etc. if the noted restrictions are enforced, the Club will be unable to operate. Registration fees to the families don’t cover nearly enough – but an increase must be avoided!!


  • Operate the Concession Building
  • Display sponsorship banners on the fence during home games or homecoming
  • Conduct any fundraising activities
  • Utilize the storage facility at Kellam’s Complex
  • The organization was forced to relocate to provide additional storage for the water park

This unexpected requirement cost the organization $8,000 in expenses.

Kellam Field land was donated by Linwood “Buddy” Kellam with the condition it was ONLY to be used for children’s sports. In 1999, we approached the County and Maryland State Legislature for funds to improve the fields to include lights, etc., so the children would practice/play safely. Those half-million-dollar appropriations were provided, only given that the Buccaneers and local children would use them.

We have always been grateful to the Towns of CB and NB and local businesses for any monetary support received. It’s not only an investment in their children and our area but it also lessens destructive behavior by others with nothing to do. This situation, in addition. to the new 2023 exorbitant fees for the CB Waterpark will put us back 40+ years.

President Buc Jason Cubbage addresses AUDIT TRANSPARENCY AND RESPONSES here:

Club Information (beachbuccaneers.org) PLEASE CHECK THIS OUT!

“We implore you, our beloved community, to stand with us during this trying time. Together, we can and will rise from this adversity stronger and more dedicated than ever before. We thank you for your understanding and support, as we strive to become a better organization for the children. With sincere appreciation and unwavering commitment, Jason Cubbage President, Beach Buccaneers Youth Club”


Cheryl Emery

NOTE: Bucs’ President Jason Cubbage is encouraging interested parties to attend the May 18th CB Town meeting.

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  1. People need to get their facts straight, look at the third party audit, it’s all public information and right at your fingertips and you’ll understand why

  2. Where’s the official notification of the restrictions? Are they simply stating that restrictions keep teams playing at the sports field as originally intended? It it were optional to follow accounting rules, we would all suffer.

  3. A quick google search would show this letter is fake news!!
    All of the information on the audit is available to the public

  4. As soon as we were removed from the snack barn and storage room it was immediately torn apart for remodeling. Sounds like it was already in the plans for other uses of the field. Just saying.

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