Charlotte Hall, MD – Huge Kudos to our local Southern Maryland Papa John’s Pizza team in Charlotte Hall. As an elderly gentleman was eating in the lobby, he began to choke on food and have trouble breathing. Management team members on shift Joe Byard and Aaron Chrusniak jumped to action to help the patron and his wife. Aaron jumped on the phone to call 911 and stay on the line with the dispatchers, while Joe from the rear of the store heard the cry of, “Does anyone know the Heimlich Maneuver?”

Joe knew he had taken CPR back in his days of serving in the Navy, had seen posters and taken safety training videos while at Papa John’s Pizza, so he jumped into action after hearing the call for help. Joe said, “I’m a pretty humble guy, so it’s just something I did. They needed help, so I hurried up to the lobby once I knew Aaron was on the phone with 911 already”.

Store General Manager John Page said, “At Papa John’s Pizza, one of our core values has always been P.A.P.A. (People Are Priority Always). Joe has shown us just how much he takes that to heart. I absolutely couldn’t be any happier with Joe”.

Area Supervisor John Kreuter expressed that “we truly strive to be a part of our community and am glad one of our Southern Maryland customers is OK and even went back to finishing his pizza!”



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