Charles County Sheriff Troy Berry hands out a flier on road safety to a local student arriving for classes at St. Charles High School.

Waldorf, MD – The Charles County Sheriffs Office was present on the third day of school to spread the word about safe driving for teenagers. The program “We Care” was in full effect when young men and women drove into school to find there parking spots. 

The program “We Care” was started eight years ago as a preventive measure to help young drivers better understand the damages of driving and not paying attention. In response to numerous students dying behind the wheel several years ago this program helps to prevent any further damage in the community.

In attendance at this event was Sheriff Troy Berry, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kimberly Hill, Principal Richard Conley  and numerous Charles County Sheriffs Office members. All were supporting the same cause–safe driving for young men and women.

 Berry was eager to pass out fliers to help the young drivers better understand just how dangerous driving distracted can be. 

“We are promoting a program that is called “We Care”, hoping to teach young drivers to drive responsibility, meaning not to speed, not to text while driving and just be safe, understanding that you [teenage drivers] share the roads with others. One thing that I would really like these young men and women to understand is that the Charles County Sheriffs Office cares about them. I just want young drivers to be safe in everything they do,” said Berry. 

Just as eager to spread the word of safe driving was Hill, she took turns passing out fliers to young drivers. 

“The history of this program came out of multiple teenage driving deaths. In response the sheriffs office and the school district got together to do something about this. “We Care’ came out as a result to emphasize to our kids that anything that distracts from driving can later cause a accident,” said Hill. 

Conley was happy to see all of his students grasping the idea of safe driving so well. 

“A school is a community, and no community wants to suffer the loss of one of their  own. I think it is really important to promote being safe while driving on the roads, there could be a lot of other things on there minds [young drivers], but we want to make sure that they are thinking about there safety,” said Conley.

Asked about the school year so far, Conley responded “it has been fantastic so far, very smooth, and can only go up from here.”  

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