Nathan Daniel Field
Nathan Daniel Field

CALLAWAY, Md. – On November 9, 2022, St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office Deputies responded to the 45000 block of Lady Lane in Callaway for the report of a stabbing.

Preliminary investigation determined that Nathan Daniel Field, age 24 of Lusby, arrived at the location and began arguing with the victim.

Field became involved in a physical altercation with the victim and the victim was stabbed in the back. The male victim was flown out for medical treatment in stable condition.

Fields was apprehended by deputies a short time later, transported to the St. Mary’s County Detention and Rehabilitation Center and charged with First-Degree Assault. 

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  1. The Dead-Beat POS finally got what he deserved. The dude is deathly afraid of confrontation so he needed a weapon to defend his 5’3, 120 lb twink self.

  2. I know this kid. He use to rent from someone in my family. He was not a good person then either. I hope the other person is ok.

  3. Crazy. This man has been evading cops around Calvert County. Disgusting human being if you get to know him.

  4. Has anyone noticed that the media isn’t reporting where he is. Did the court commissioner give him “PR”. Anyone accused of a violent crime should be held without bail. Media needs to report all the facts.

    1. He got on level 3 house arrest. Has to report 3 times a week for drug testing since the found some powder in his rear.

  5. This article is not all true. There was no physical altercation or verbal altercation between the coward and the victim. He was actually stabbed twice and the victim’s lung was pierced. I can’t believe he is out of jail, when the victim is in so much pain and still in the trauma center of the hospital. Stuck in a bed, unable to eat or have a sip of water. That seems like jail to me.That jerk should have to suffer like the guy he stabbed. I’d be disappointed if I was his parent.

  6. So if you acted in self-defense.. wouldn’t you be staying behind and wait for EMS and Cops..? He’s a compulsive liar. As usual.

  7. I heard the person stabbed like to hit women and children he finally got something he deserved like father like son.

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