Travis Benjamin Ridgely
Travis Benjamin Ridgely

PRINCE FREDERICK, Md. – On November 14, 2022, Travis Benjamin Ridgely, 35, of Lusby, MD, was sentenced for the first degree premeditated murder of Selena Noel Persinger.

The sentence, imposed by Judge Mark S. Chandlee, of the Calvert County Circuit Court, was life imprisonment suspended to 35 years of active incarceration. 

Ridgely will not be eligible for parole until he has served at least 20 years of his sentence.  The sentence cannot be modified without the consent of the State. 

Calvert County State’s Attorney Robert Harvey wishes to commend Deputy States Attorney Timothy J. Maher and Assistant State’s Attorney Rebecca N. Cordero for their work on this case. 

The plea and sentence was agreed to after extensive consultation with the victim’s family in order to achieve justice for the victim and bring finality to the legal proceedings. 

Family members were present in court at Ridgely’s sentencing and provided victim impact testimony to Judge Chandlee. 

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  1. Premeditated murder and he’ll be out in 20 years…
    I thought the dumb dems were all about “equity”? She’s dead and he goes free in 20? Sounds like left wing equity to me…

    1. Become a politician if you don’t like the outcome of situations or cases. Stop complaining about your problems and start being a solution.

    2. I agree, does not seem like that is justice. Seems like it was the “easiest” course for prosecution to take, honestly.

    3. He must serve at least 20 years before he is even eligible for parole. His sentence is suspended to 35 years meaning he will most certainly be denied parole until at least that time is completed. After 35 years he might get a shot at some freedom but, he would have to walk a completely straight and narrow path of perfect behavior while incarcerated to be given that opportunity and given the fact that most long term prisoners do not achieve that feat, he will more than likely grow old and die in prison.

    4. Party identification among college-educated voters is 53% Democrat, 40% Republican. (Pew annual data). I’m not saying Democrats are smarter than Republicans, but I seriously doubt they are dumb… and the two Democrats I know who saw this article wanted him in jail for longer. Brutal crime.

    5. So nothing like this situation would have ever happened involving a republican. Is that what you’re saying?

  2. I agree but at least it was suspend all but a few years. Now they need to hammer all the drug criminals.

  3. Agree the penalty seems light, but, your anonymous post blaming it on “dumb dems”and “left wing equity” fails to support that conclusion.

  4. Since republicans want harder sentences I say we give it to them! Convicted registered republicans should get the maximum sentence. Give the people what they want!

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