LA PLATA, Md. — On March 28, at approximately 12:38 p.m., LPPD officers responded to the 200 block of Kent Avenue for the report of a strong-arm robbery.

Investigation revealed the suspect approached and assaulted the victim from behind, forcefully removing the victim’s wallet and cellphone from his clothing. The suspect fled the area. A lookout was broadcast for the involved and a Maryland State trooper in the area observed an individual matching the description of the suspect a short distance away.

The suspect was positively identified by the victim. Subsequent search of the suspect located the victim’s personal belongings. Jermaine Jay Mason, 34-years of age, was arrested and transported to the Charles County Detention Center for processing and charging.

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  1. Why was the suspects vocation not listed as is any who is/was a police officer, elected official , teacher,etc??
    Either note all professional backgrounds or list none.

    1. I’d like to know why there was no picture of Jermaine since they did catch him? Maybe the LaPlata police are trying to reduce the perception overload to the readers…

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