Leonardtown, MD— On March 22, Maryland State Police Tfc. S. Regina responded to St. Mary’s County District Court in Leonardtown for a late report of indecent exposure. 

When Regina arrived on the scene she made contact with the victim who advised, “he was working the metal detector in the lobby of the St. Mary’s County District Court House. The victim stated a male subject came in who he (victim) recognized as John I. Tifford, 72, of California,” according to charging documents. 

When Tifford attempted to go through the metal detector, the victim advised Tifford he needed to empty his pockets and remove his belt. Tifford removed the items out of his pockets and placed them on the metal detector belt for scanning. 

Tifford continued to walk through the metal detector with his belt on. The victim told Tifford, “Sir, you need to remove your belt or the metal detector is going to continue to go off,” according to charging documents. 

Tifford explained to the victim that if he removes his belt, his pants will fall. The victim, “instructed Tifford to hold his pants with one hand and remove his belt with the other hand,” according to charging documents. 

At that time, Tifford looked at the victim, grabbed his belt with both hands, and pulled it through all the belt loops in his pants. “Tifford’s pants fell to the ground around his ankles,” according to charging documents. The victim informed Regina that Tifford was not wearing any undergarments, therefore, exposing his genitals. 

Tifford was charged with indecent exposure, at this time, Tifford does not have a scheduled court date. Tifford faces a maximum jail sentence of three years and or a maximum fine of $1,000. 

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