Kyle Dylan Dishner and Larissa Grace Cataneo

LEONARDTOWN, Md. – On June 3, 2022, detectives from the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office Vice/Narcotics Division executed a search and seizure warrant pursuant to an ongoing narcotics investigation on Kyle Dylan Dishner, age 29 of Mechanicsville, as well as the vehicle he was operating.

A passenger in the vehicle was identified as Larissa Grace Cataneo, age 31 of Mechanicsville.

Recovered during the execution of the search warrant was over 126 grams of fentanyl in capsules packaged to indicate distribution, with a street value of $9,000.

Mechanicsville Man And Woman Arrested For Distribution Of Narcotics
Recovered CDS

Dishner and Cataneo were arrested and transported to the St. Mary’s County Detention and Rehabilitation Center in Leonardtown, and charged with the following:

-CDS: Possession With Intent to Distribute Narcotic

-CDS: Possession-Large Amount

-CDS: Possession-Not Marijuana

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  1. Won’t be released for awhile, for ‘obvious’ reasons.
    You know, he didn’t have a gun like all the other thugs the judges always turn loose, so he is toast.

    1. Yes, cuz that has everything to do with it! Criminals look like “normal” people nowadays… just look at our Government officials!!! Bahahahahaha

    2. So having neck tattoos and gauges in his ears is the bigger issue? We seriously need to get our priorities straight. You didn’t read the article, did you? Neck Tayto and EaR DisFIGERMENT..AT BOI HAS BIgGEr PRobleMs. He could’ve killed people is the bigger problem

    1. He’s also a child abuser! He choked a 4 year helpless little girl with her neck up against the wall and dropped her to the ground!!! He left bruises on her face! Cps had this documented but still this SCUMBAG ANIMAL was released!!! The world would be a much better place without him in it!!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬

  2. And so having a large amount of fentanyl ready to sell should be considered conspiracy to commit murder.

  3. About time! He has been a waste of air and a dealer since he was in his teens. He deserves to loose it all just like those he has supplied to. Now many might choose to get help since the supplier is gone. POS!!!!!!! I would be thrilled if he never was released. One can hope & pray.

  4. To the one of the 15 “anonymouses” that said this:
    “And what would that problem be?”
    That problem would be a lack of good parenting. As I’ve said one or two (HUNDRED) times before: I’ve worked with teens for 20 years and I know that this is proven true every day.
    Another of the many “anonymouses” said this:
    “He has been a waste of air and a dealer since he was in his teens.”
    Case closed!

    1. You working with teens might be the scariest thing you’ve written. I’m sure your racist trope and anti-government rants make you a popular figure amongst teens. Nothing like a 60+ year old geezer stuck in a 1950’s time warp to provide guidance to kids.

  5. So they let her go and held him, like WTF are they thinking. This isn’t her first rodeo either, but then again that’s the justice system for you, cops lock them up, judge let’s them go.

  6. How come this doesn’t mention the fact her young child was in the car?

    Hopefully reunited with a safe family member.

    They should look in to all the overdoses to see where they played a part, disgusting excuses for lives.

  7. Kyle Dishner is a low life SCUMBAG! He physically abused both my grandkids, hitting my 6 year old grandson in the face so hard that he bled. And choked my 4 year old granddaughter with his hands held tight around her neck up against the wall before dropping her to the ground. This poor baby thought she was going to die!! He’s a disgusting excuse of a human being!!! Absolute filth!!! He should be rotting in a jail cell!!!

    1. Laura your a pyschopath, I’ve never met a more insane person in my life,😂 that’s why your own daughter can’t stand being in the same room as you. Those kids weren’t ever abused I put a roof over their head and fed them and gave them whatever they desired what did you do oh yeah that’s right nothing I forgot besides be 50 years old and live with your mom your whole life, you literally make me vomit 🤮 I’m the scumbag yet you let their so called father who doesn’t even exist in their lives who smokes crack and can’t stay out of jail his damn self talk to them oh and by the way only time he calls is when he’s locked up and did nothing but abuse your OWN daughter, then calls and says borderline rapist comments to her but you just love him oh so much, don’t worry I’ll be there soon to scoop the kids and my lady and I swear on God you’ll never see them again so you better enjoy it while you can.🤣

      1. Kyle you better repent before the good Lord comes because I would hate to see you Rot in hell for the way you treated those innocent babies. I rebuke your demonic agenda. The devil is a liar and you Need to surrender yourself to God!

      2. I pray to God they put you where you belong you animal !! Behind bars!!! How dare you put your hands on a 4 yr old. You are a no good rotten, sick individual. God has the final
        Say and I rebuke your demonic agenda. YOU will NEVER touch those babies again you demon. You should be ashamed of yourself !!

  8. Erica Cox, may she RIP. 🥲 Overdosed at the hands of this lowlife loser, Kyle. Her poor baby growing up without his mama. He shows zero remorse. This animal belongs behind bars!

    1. She overdosed on her own she was already a junkie to begin with, unless there’s proof this is amusing. She should of put being a mother first instead of drugs in her veins which were obviously her “main priority” it’s amazing how everyone blames another for their faults smh, but may she rest in peace.

  9. Rumor has it that Child abuser & murderer, Kyle Dishner’s mother, who flaunts her connections to the police department and court is going to pay the DA & Judge under the table so that he serves little to no time. If this should happen, you’ll know how corrupt the system really is.

  10. The true biblical punishment for abusing children:Matthew 18:6 (KJV)
    “But who shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.”

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