MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital Announces April SPIRIT Award Winners
Erin and Katherine

LEONARDTOWN, Md. – Today we’re #MedStarHealthProud to celebrate Erin B. and Katherine R., our April 2022 SPIRIT Award winners!

These associates were nominated by colleagues for going above and beyond for our patients.

Erin, a nurse on the Telemetry unit, was treating a patient when she noticed their foot had no pulse.

She immediately reached out to the patient’s doctor for further evaluation, and the individual was ultimately airlifted to another facility for surgery.

Erin’s attention to detail and swift action helped save the patient’s limb.

Katherine, an associate in Food & Nutrition Services, located a patient’s missing denture after it had been accidentally left on a dinner tray.

After learning the evening trash had already been taken out, the nursing team was preparing to share this disappointing update with the discouraged patient.

Fortunately, the phone rang—Katherine had located one last trash bag and chose to go through it, finding the missing item! The patient was very grateful and said his “prayers had been answered.”

This bag could have been overlooked or ignored, but Katherine went one step further to put our patient first.

Thank you both. Join us in congratulating Erin and Katherine!

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