LEONARDTOWN, Md. – Compassion is at the heart of what we do. Join us in celebrating Lindy F. and Shirley H., our October SPIRIT Award winners! These monthly honors recognize our associates for their extraordinary efforts for patients and colleagues.

Lindy, a diagnostic sonographer in Imaging, Cardiology & Neurology, was recently covering the Emergency Department when a patient was ordered an ultrasound.

During the exam, it became apparent the patient was in active labor. Without time to transport the patient, Lindy and her team sprang into action. The baby was delivered safely in the ultrasound room!

Her professional experience and ability to navigate the situation calmly helped ensure a great outcome for mother and baby.

Shirley, an associate in Environmental Services, recently went the extra mile to ensure a patient’s family member was well taken care of.

She observed the visitor needing assistance, helped him get through the lunch line, and learned he’d had to walk quite a distance to reach the café. He mentioned he might need help finding his way back after lunch.

When Shirley had to leave before he’d finished his meal, she coordinated with another associate to show him the quickest way back.

Thank you both for all you do. Congratulations!

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