Motorcyclist Transported To Hospital After Crash In Mechanicvsille

MECHANICSVILLE, Md. –  On September 1, at approximately 6:23 p.m., police, fire and rescue personnel responded to a single motorcycle accident on Three Notch Road, in the area of Loveville Road.

Crews arrived and found the motorcycle off the roadway with one person reportedly injured.

The driver was transported to Capital Region Trauma Center for additional treatment.

One police officer on the scene told that the driver reportedly hit a patch of oil in the roadway, leading the them to lose control and crash.

We will continue to provide updates as they become available.

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    1. Funny how you can have the guts to make a rude comment only as anonymous. That is someones loved one and unless you were there, have no clue what happened. I don’t know if you’ve driven the roads in st. Mary’s but they aren’t great for even normal vehicles, let alone motor cycles. How about just be a decent person and hope they are okay and not leave snarky comments. I hope you have a great day, and drive safe so nobody has the opportunity to leave rude comments for you.

      1. Sorry about your luck! Let’s see number 1 it’s a motorcycle, number 2 it’s a sport bike, case closed!

      2. Truth stings huh Erica? I’m aggravated by the “look twice” safety campaign aimed to reduce motorcycle accidents but I often see motorcyclists (mainly crotch rockets like the one pictured) trying to break the sound barrier. Perhaps if they drove with common sense people wouldn’t have to “look twice” and motorcyclists would get the respect they’re looking for. I commute along Route 235 and 4 everyday. Someone involved in that accident was speeding.

        I may not have the best bedside manners and say things bluntly, but I am a nice person. There is nothing rude about my comment as I’m sure speed had something to do with it. I didn’t say he/she deserved it, I didn’t wish it on that person and I certainly don’t hope they are seriously injured so stop melting. I have every right to express my opinion on this public forum just like you do. You also have the option not to read my opinion and I yours.

      3. Funny how you have the guts to reply as erica lol

        It’s a sports bike on a public roadway, case closed

  1. Then sister, why are they driving motorcycles on these bad roads. Drivers should always be aware of the road conditions, oil spot explanation may be true or not, doesn’t matter, driver was injured, hopefully he lives to ride another day. Where is all of the money going earmarked for highways and bridges in Maryland?

  2. I call on the county commissioners to do something about these substandard roads so people can ride motorcycles at high rates of speed without fear of an accident. And furthermore, so Erika knows I have guts, I hope the rider recovers from any and all injuries.

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