Our Ladies Of Charity Needs Your Help

NORTH BEACH, Md. – Help our local food pantry, with your vote!  The Ladies of Charity (LOC) Calvert County, needs your help building a new Food Pantry in North Beach.  

Our Ladies of Charity has entered the KFC Giving Challenge with this 30-second TikTok video

@davidtemple256 Ladies of Charity Calvert County. Help rebuild their food pantry #KentuckyFriedGivingChallenge #Contest #CalvertCountyLadiesOfCharity #CCLOCFoodPantry ♬ original sound – Dave T

Winning a place in the first round as one of eleven organizations that will be awarded $40,000, the Ladies of Charity is moving to the next phase with the possibility of winning $60,000 if voted as the Fan Favorite.

From 10 am on April 8 to midnight on April 14, please click the link at www.kfc.com/KentuckyFriedGiving and vote for the Ladies of Charity Calvert County to help them rebuild a new pantry. 

The existing building in North Beach, MD, is 80 years old with numerous joists cracked resulting in an unsafe building that is not able to be occupied.

No longer able to bring clients and volunteers in the building, the team has built a shed, acquired a delivery truck, ordered a storage container, and moved all the food outside into these various storage containers to continue serving the public.  

The Ladies Of Charity provides over 4,000 lbs of food per week to their clients in every type of weather.

Please cast your vote at www.kfc.com/KentuckyFriedGiving for the Ladies of Charity Calvert County.

#KentuckyFriedGivingChallenge #Contest

#CalvertCountyLadiesOfCharity #CCLOCFoodPantry

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