Santana-Garcia, Sebastian Alexis
Sebastian A. Santana-Garcia, 21, of Virginia
Sebastian A. Santana-Garcia, 21, of Virginia

BRYANS ROAD, Md. – On March 14 at 11:30 p.m., officers were conducting a parking lot check at a public boat ramp in the 1000 block of Marshall Hall Road in Bryans Road, MD when they observed several people and cars in the lot; the ramp and parking lot were closed at that time.

While approaching the driver of one of the vehicles, officers observed a firearm case and suspected marijuana inside the car. Upon investigating further, officers located a loaded 9mm handgun inside the vehicle.

Sebastian A. Santana-Garcia, 21, of Virginia, was arrested and charged with illegal transportation and possession of a firearm inside a vehicle.

On March 15, Santana-Garcia was released by a district court commissioner from the detention center after paying 10% of a $1,500 bond. The investigation is ongoing.   

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  1. A responsible gun owner knows the gun laws which they travel in . You may not agree with the law ..yet you must obey the law ..
    He is not a responsible gun owner , just for having it loaded .. The question should be ,, was his possession of the gun …a legal ownership by all laws ..

  2. “He is not a responsible gun owner , just for having it loaded”

    Yeah, like that guy who keeps his gas tank empty and gas in 5 gallon cans in the shed in case needs to use his mini-van to rush his husband or child to the hospital or keeps the flashlight close at hand and the batteries in the garage in case the power goes out and keeps empty salt & pepper shakers on the table and the salt & pepper in the cabinet just in case somebody needs to season their vegan pablum.
    Just like a good Boy Scout, NEVER prepared?

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