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LUSBY, Md. – On Friday, April 22, 2022, Patuxent High School held its first annual Mental Health and Wellness Fair. 

Students and staff had the opportunity to spend some time outside and visit different tables and participate in activities that promoted different ways that can improve their mental health.

The activities included yoga, diaphragmatic breathing, journaling, and rock painting. They were also able to learn about mental health topics related to the LGBTQ+ community and minorities.

The event was made possible by funding from a behavioral health grant provided by Calvert County Public Schools in response to the mental health crisis being exasperated by the pandemic.

Local organizations such as Calvert Crisis Response, Adolescent Clubhouse, and the Calvert Library Book Mobile participated and helped organize the event.

“This year has been tough, adjusting back to regular school after a year of being at home learning. The mental health of staff and students needed to be recognized. We needed a chance to continue to address these issues, and I believe Friday’s event helped to do that,” Karin Ryon, a counselor at Patuxent High School said. “It was joyful to watch our staff and students get outside, interact with each other in a positive way and learn some new things about how to take care of their mental health. I hope we can do something like this each year.”

Leaders at Patuxent High School said they have plans to make this a recurring annual event.

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  1. Meanwhile, those impacted with actual mental health problems were hiding from all the event’s extra stresses

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