Parking issues raised debate during Monday’s Charles County Planning Commission meeting on two separate issues, which forced the meeting to run late.  The planners heard about the need for more parking spaces at medical buildings and a new Hamilton subdivision where guest parking raised concerns.

A presentation about the need for more parking spaces at medical buildings in Charles County lasted for well over an hour.  The presentation stated that current regulations are inadequate because of the growth of population and subsequent growth of demand for medical services.  During the presentation, it was stated that doctors may start looking elsewhere, outside the county for their offices.  Planners took exception to those statements saying there’s no evidence of that happening.  Planners asked Old Washington Road, LLC, who made the presentation, to come back later with more information.

The commission also deferred on the proposal to build a 170 lot townhome subdivision on Hamilton Road just past the intersection of Hamilton and Western.  The concern there was also parking, more specifically guest parking.  Loiederman, Soltesz   & Associates, Inc. appeared before the commission on behalf of JJLRCR Waldorf, LLC and they stated they had more than met the criteria on parking but planners weren’t convinced.

The commission requested that staff go back and work with the applicants to see what can be done to ease the concerns members of the commission had.  The 170 lot subdivision would be located on 28.71 acres on Hamilton Road just north of the Hamilton Road/Western Parkway intersection.

Planners decide to defer and pick up the issue again in a future meeting as time was a concern.  The entire meeting ran up so much time that county staff told the commission just minutes before 11:00pm EST that they had to wrap up the meeting and get everyone in the board meeting room out of the government building by 11:00pm EST.  The meeting was abruptly adjourned and everyone was rushed out of the buildings before the alarms were sounded.