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HOLLYWOOD, Md. – Police issued more than 100 charges against six seafood workers in St. Mary’s County for multiple violations.

NRP received information about alleged illegal activity at Nelson Seafood in Hollywood; officers conducted surveillance and investigated the establishment throughout March.

Officers observed three individuals participating in illegal commercial oystering-related activities, including selling and harvesting while on suspended and revoked licenses.

Additionally, officers reported observing false tagging information, false oyster reporting, and storage of oysters in an unlicensed cooler facility.

Police issued charges on April 20, including multiple health department violations for storage and facility licensing.

Those charged were Caleb Hancock, 20; Andrew Nelson, 26; Robert Nelson Jr., 39; James Nelson, 45; Tyler Nelson, 19; and Melanie Wheeler, 43. Fines range from $350 to a maximum of $25,000 and up to one year in jail.

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  1. Damage to the fisherie is immeasurable. They should be banned for life from operating in any commercial aspect. Laws ,rules and regulations are put in place to protect the ecology and environment. These kind of thieves disgust me beyond belief because these thieves affect us all including our future generations.

    1. Some apparently were already suspended. Didn’t stop them did it? Liberals will never just accept that criminals don’t follow the laws!

    2. Environmental conservationist ,
      This situation is quite alarming however why are you not outraged over the oyster sanctuaries becoming toxic to ALL marine life ? Oysters left not being properly managed are bioaccumulating toxins which are bio magnifying those same toxins on the unmanaged oyster reef thus poisoning ALL of our seafood and us as well as the environment !
      The thing that disgusts me the most are environmentalist that always want to point the finger when they are really the ones doing the harm to the environment , natural resources and to all of us !!!
      Google “ forever chemicals “ and apply just a little thought !

    3. Unfortunately, these folks don’t seem to care whether they are banned. The article points out that part of the charges were operating on a suspended or revoked license. They are like people who get caught operating a car without a license or on a suspended license. Perhaps some jail time will teach them that this is unacceptable. What is most concerning is that they seem to be teaching the 19 year old to ignore the law. A family value, I suppose.

  2. They won’t stop… hit them where it really hurts and take all the boats too. They have gotten away with it and will continue

  3. Some things never change with this family, just saying. How is it they’re still able to have a license after all their years of illegal fishing?

  4. I bet local competition ratted on them or someone was crossed and wanted revenge. Either way serves em right.

  5. This is why the seafood industry in Maryland was wrecked. Selfish people breaking the rules.

  6. If you look at the wrap sheets they have been consistently enabled by the current state’s attorney rick fritz. Also noticed fritz has a lot of nelsons on his contribution report? Its not a coincidence, he has been using under the table deals for decades to bolster is reelection campaigns

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