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DUNKIRK, Md. — In the upcoming midterm elections, a crowded field of candidates has emerged to run for the District 27 State Senate seat once held by the late Senator Thomas V. Miller Jr. 

While this seat has traditionally been a Democratic hold within the state, that has not stopped Republicans from vying for the chance to represent the district. One of those Republican candidates is Al Larsen, a 61-year-old engineer from Calvert County.

Larsen has chosen to run for office to oppose the extreme agenda he claims is being pushed by the Maryland General Assembly. 

“They are not focused on the problems and issues we face in our everyday life,” Larson told “I have great concern over the declining quality of life in this State and can no longer watch from the sidelines. As an engineer, I am trained to look at a system, evaluate cost vs. benefit vs. risk, and balance competing requirements. I can bring these same skills to find solutions for our schools and economy.”

Larsen has accomplished much throughout his life. He served for eight years as a Commissioned Officer in the U.S Navy and earned a Master’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering. 

He is also active in the community as a member of the Foxchase HOA, SMRHS Boosters, and Southern Prince George’s Republican Club.

Larsen believes that the two most pressing issues in Calvert County right now are education and the economy.

“Over one-fourth of our 8th graders are testing below the BASIC level for reading, and they have been for 20 years. I graduated from Prince George’s public school system with a very good education, so I know what it could be. Meanwhile, the General Assembly, State BOE, and local BOEs, including Calvert County, are pushing a social engineering agenda rather than teaching our kids how to read and write.”

“The General Assembly continues to raise taxes without delivering the services they promise. The gas tax was increased by 18 % this summer when we were already suffering from extremely high inflation. Yet, transportation projects take far too long to plan and execute. We currently have a $7.5 billion surplus, but the General Assembly refused to consider a gas-tax holiday this summer. Food and gas prices are hurting lower and fixed-income citizens the most.”

As for the changes he would make if elected, Larsen has proposed instituting a Parents’ Bill of Rights within the State School Systems and returning the curriculum to core academics. 

He also wants to roll back the gas tax and change the tax code to allow tax dollars to follow the students and reduce the tax burden on senior citizens.

Larsen left The BayNet with a final word as to why people should vote for him. He also shared a bit more information about the campaign.

“We need an alternative voice who will push back on the Progressives’ agenda and bring balance to our state government. I will fight to restore a quality education in our school system and will fight to lower taxes and cut wasteful spending.”

“The policies that the General Assembly have followed for the last 20-plus years have not worked,” he explained. 

“If we truly want to improve Maryland, we need to change how the General Assembly approaches each problem. Simply spending more money won’t work unless you know the root cause of a given problem. I can bring that analytic skill to the State Senate.”

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