HUNTINGTOWN, Md. – Tracy McGuire has previously served on the Calvert County Board of Education for 12 years and is now running for a fourth term after a two-year break.

The 59-year-old candidate is currently an assistant to an attorney and believes there is no substitute for her experience. Throughout her career and life, she is proud of keeping the faith, sustaining optimism, and never giving up.

McGuire believes the two most important issues facing Calvert County Public Schools (CCPS) are restoring losses to CCPS students and teachers caused by the pandemic and making smart decisions about Kirwin funding.

If elected for a fourth term, McGuire would like to keep the Board of Education (BOE) focused on building a world-class school system. McGuire would also like to see CCPS support for the Be SMART safety initiative and establish periodic community conversations around issues and concerns of CCPS students, educators, and parents.

McGuire thinks the hardest part of this job going forward, if elected again, would be guiding community members to engage with the BOE and CCPS in ways both productive and meaningful. However, McGuire received the Maryland Association of BOE’s Master Board Member Designation and believes she will be ready on day one to do the work.

McGuire’s favorite motto is “pursue joy, seek it out no matter the place, time, or circumstance. It’s the antidote to negativity.”

McGuire believes voters should look to her because of her experience, knowledge, skills, and ability to use BOE power to set the conditions for a world-class school system for students and educators.

If you would like to learn more about Tracy McGuire and her campaign, you can visit her Facebook page McGuire4BOE

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