Prince Frederick Volunteer Fire Department Annual Awards Banquet
Special thank you to Ron Bailey for the photos

PRINCE FREDERICK, Md. – On Saturday, February 18, 2023, the members of the Prince Frederick Volunteer Fire Department (PFVFD) held our annual banquet. This annual event is to recognize the members for their outstanding accomplishments over the previous year.

A special guest attended this year’s banquet, Ms. McKenna Cox and her parents, Jon and Melissa (son and daughter-in-law of PFVFD lifetime member Jamie Cox).

On September 7, 2022, McKenna was involved in a serious accident in Prince Frederick. Members of the PFVFD responded to the accident and with the assistance of surrounding departments, rescued McKenna from being trapped under a vehicle, and transported to a regional hospital.

During the course of many weeks to follow, thankfully, McKenna progressed in her healing and recovery. Our community rallied around the Cox family and the PFVFD became a hub for the public to reach out in support of McKenna.

McKenna is flourishing today. She is still in her recovery, but back to school and enjoying time with family and friends. McKenna and her parents were on hand at the banquet to present the lifesaving award to the members of the PFVFD who responded to her accident. A very special moment for the members involved and those in attendance to witness the presentation of this award.

Thank you to McKenna for presenting the award to those involved and speaking to those in attendance. We love the courage she displayed and thank you to McKenna’s parents and family in attendance for being there to share this special moment with all of us.


The following members received the lifesaving award, presented by McKenna Cox:

Chief 2 Willie Gray
Chief 2-A Eric Holzberger
Chief 2-B Robbie Helms
Firefighter Mark Arhar
Firefighter Fred Holzberger V
Firefighter Michael Braswell
Life Member Jamie Cox
Life Member Rob Helms
Life Member Brian Ficke

Additionally, congratulations to the following members on being recognized for their outstanding contribution and accomplishments to the PFVFD:


Firefighter of the Year
Dave Anderson

Officer of the Year
Scott Musegades

Chiefs Award
Mauro Lanzisera

Rookie of the Year
Cody Davenport

Senior Member of the Year
Clark “CJ” Butner

Junior Member of the Year
Nick Boswell

Cadet of the Year
Bailey Wells

W. David Gott Memorial Training Award
Laney Wells


Administrator of the Year
Steve Yarosh

Presidents Award
Karen Sharpe

Collateral Duty Award
Teresa Bowen

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