As the Halloween holiday approaches, pumpkins will be appearing everywhere! There are tons of ways to carve a pumpkin for a scary decoration, but pumpkins can also be used to beautify and create a fun fall planter project for kids! Read on to find out how to gather the kids and get started!

Gather the Supplies

To create your pumpkin planter project, begin with selecting a suitable pumpkin for each child. Choose a pumpkin that is a large enough size and that is round enough to accommodate your plants. Additionally, you will need to pick up some annuals that are appropriate for the autumn season, such as hardy mums. You will also need potting soil and basic gardening tools.


Preparing the Pumpkin

To begin transforming your pumpkin into a planter, start by cutting off the top and removing the insides, including the seeds and the flesh. Be sure to save the seeds for roasting into a healthy snack! Once the inside of the pumpkin is empty and clean, decorate the outside of the pumpkin however you choose. From paint and markers to glitter and embellishments, this is a great opportunity to get creative with your planter and make it special and unique!

Finishing Up

Once your pumpkin planter is all ready, add enough potting soil to fill the bottom one third of the inside of the pumpkin. You are now ready to place your annual plants into the pumpkin planter. Once you have your flowers in place, add additional potting soil around the sides and pack it down to fill the pumpkin cavity. You may also opt to add a thin layer of mulch to the top, for a nice finish and to help retain moisture.

Décor & More

A pumpkin planter makes a great outdoor décor item when placed on a porch, patio, or other outdoor area. Consider creating multiple pumpkin planters, in a variety of sizes and colored flowers, for even more fall beauty! Your planter may be left out for several days, and then when the pumpkin begins to soften and decay, the entire planter can be planted directly into the ground. The pumpkin will decompose and continue to feed the plant throughout the fall season or until the cold becomes too much for the plant.

There you have it! A fun and creative fall project to get the kids outdoors, learning and decorating with garden inspired ideas!