Solomons, MD – Before Captain Carl Theodore “CT” Resnick sailed the bay, he spent a lot of time in the air.

Well-known Southern Maryland boat Captain, CT Resnick, died Dec.14 at the age of 74 after being diagnosed with lung cancer only two months before.

Captain CT was known best in Southern Maryland for the time he spent as the owner and captain of the Solomons Island-based boat, Spirit of Solomons, as well as his fun and charismatic approach to life and his vibrant conversation but what was little known about CT, is that he worked for former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger in the 1970s.

“He flew with Henry Kissinger for five years,” CT’s wife, Marie Resnick said. “CT was honored to work for Kissinger.”

Henry Kissinger won the Nobel Peace Price in 1973 after serving as the 8th United States National Security Advisor for his actions negotiating a ceasefire in Vietnam. It was the same year that Kissinger became the US secretary of State. Kissinger held the position until 1977.

CT served in the Air Force for 26 years as a flight steward and was stationed mostly at Andrews Air Force Base. Although Kissinger’s office acknowledged CT’s service weeks ago, they were unable to obtain a comment from 93-year-old Kissinger himself as he has been traveling.

CT had many hobbies and fun.

“(CT) enjoyed fishing and hunting,” Marie said. “He used to go up into Western Maryland in the fall with (his friends) to hunt for deer.”

Nikki Dennis, CT’s granddaughter, said that often people will tell her they know her grandfather and always have something good to say about him or a fond memory.

“He would talk like Donald Duck. He loved Donald Duck,” Nikkie said.

She said people enjoyed his impersonation of Donald Duck and he would use the voice at funny moments.

“I got a tattoo of Donald Duck on my arm [before he died],” she said. “He didn’t usually approve of tattoos but he was really honored by mine.”

She said he enriched the lives of all around him.

“He always had a story to tell,” said “He was so much fun. I am going to miss him so much.”