Lusby, MD – Beginning the week of March 9 motorists may see road construction activity at the intersection of Route 2/4 and Cove Point Road in Lusby.

This temporary road work supports upcoming Dominion Cove Point Liquefaction Project activities requiring adjustments to the traffic signals. The work includes a taper of the northbound lane that turns west into the construction yard known as Offsite Area A. You will also see cones along the southbound side reducing the acceleration lane.

All permitting is in place to make sure the road work is safe for those traveling on the roadway. During this time we ask all drivers to be aware of the construction activity.

In addition, please be alert for vehicles exiting Offsite Area A traveling east through the intersection to the Cove Point Terminal site. Please be cautious and yield for oncoming traffic.

If you have inquiries regarding the project you may send an email message to or leave a detailed message on our voice mail system at 410-286-5757.