On Sunday, Dec. 13 in the crisp, cold morning hours, Roses II, located on Great Mills Road, was finally demolished. The demolition began with a controlled burn conducted by the Bay District Fire Department, providing firefighters an intense training opportunity.

In a newsletter distributed by the Lexington Park Business and Community Association which began with a picture and the statement, “Good Riddance,” was the following narrative:

“St. Mary’s County Government recently acquired the property with an outpouring of support from the community. The property, formerly owned by the Turner family, was the last parcel needed by the County to secure the right-of-way for the future construction of FDR Boulevard between Great Mills Road and South Shangri-La Drive.

“Construction of this road section will enhance access to the Lexington Park Library, the Bay District Fire Department and to the future home of the Lexington Park Rescue Squad and provide an alternative means for traffic from Willows Road to reach Great Mills Road thereby reducing congestion at the intersection of MD Rt. 246 and Shangri-La Drive.
“Owners of commercial and residential property within the vicinity of this road section are now exploring the possibility for reinvestment in existing structures and opportunities for new construction in anticipation of this much needed transportation improvement in the very heart of Lexington Park.”

TheBAYNET.com was there to record the whole dismantling of what has been considered an eye-sore and area blight by many.