Senate Republican Leadership: SB 1 And HB 834 Are Not Public Safety Solutions

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – Senate Minority Leader Steve Hershey and Senate Minority Whip Justin Ready issued the following statement yesterday as Governor Moore signed SB 1 – Criminal Law – Wearing, Carrying, or Transporting Firearms – Restrictions (Gun Safety Act of 2023) and HB 824 – Public Safety – Regulated Firearms – Possession and Permits to Carry, Wear, and Transport a Handgun into law.

“SB 1 and HB 824 are not public safety solutions – in fact, they are just the opposite. SB 1 and HB 824 will do nothing to reduce gun crime or remove illegal guns from our communities.

Governor Moore and Democratic Leadership are severely limiting the ability of law-abiding citizens to legally carry a firearm to protect themselves and their families. As violent and juvenile crime continues to surge throughout Maryland, the General Assembly’s gerrymandered Democratic supermajority continues to ignore commonsense legislation that targets repeat, violent offenders and establishes stronger consequences for those who steal handguns and commit crimes with guns.

These bills also are a clear and significant violation of Marylanders’ Constitutional rights and will be immediately challenged in court. On April 21st, our caucus sent a letter to Governor Moore encouraging him to veto both of these bills to save Marylanders the expense of defending these unconstitutional bills in court, but those arguments fell on deaf ears.

Targeting lawful gun owners who legally and responsibly exercise their Constitutional rights is not an effective public safety strategy, and we look forward to these extreme laws being overturned.”

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  1. yes, introduce legislature that will take years to fight in court. By that time, you’ll be out of office and won’t face any legal ramifications for your actions. Very cool, moore. In the meantime, citizens can’t CC at risk of spending tens of thousands of dollars in court, fighting for their freedom which they were granted until october 1, 2023…

  2. MSI, FPC, & SAF have already filed a joint lawsuit. The NRA through MSRPA has filed a separate suit. The middle finger to the Supreme Court will not stand, and yes, this was the MGA venting its rage at the court for overturning its unconstitutional “May issue” permit policy. Many good people will likely die because of it before it is eventually overturned in the courts though.

  3. how much is Marylands US Senate seat going to cost? some before the Primary, some after. probably in the millions.

  4. ’23 is a transition period for Maryland. It no longer considers a plant ilegal. The end of lunacy. How are you supposed to know a plant is illegal? Good question! Whether or not you support cannabis, good question.

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