As the weather begins to warm up and spring starts taking shape, homeowners are ready to head outside and enjoy their outdoor spaces.  Getting your lawn looking fresh and bright for spring can be time consuming and pricey but with the right items and projects for your spaces, you can make a big difference without hurting your wallet.

To help you get started, here’s a list of simple projects you can tackle in a weekend to spruce up your lawn, all under $100.

  • Hanging Planters and Window Boxes – Exercise your creative powers by decorating a hanging basket or window box. Add accessories or kick up the color scheme to create depth.
  • Work in a Water Feature – Enhance and elevate your outdoor spaces with a simple yet sophisticated DIY Garden Fountain you can create over the weekend.
  • Plant a Front Flower Bed – Add a pop of color in your front entry with a welcoming bed of annual flowers. You can plant it in a day and enjoy it all summer long.