Get Real with Chris and Mark - 15- Simply Southern Catering with Juwana

LEONARDTOWN, Md. — On this week’s episode of “Get Real with Chris & Mark,” Chris Hill and Mark Frisco felt the love from a table full of soul food from Simply Southern Catering with Juwana.

“I don’t use any canned food. Everything is fresh. I cut up my own potatoes and everything. I pick my own greens,” Juwana said as she served her potato salad.

Juwana Broadus has a personal connection with her food. Her big heart for cooking carries over to her fulfilling life of family, volunteering, and caring for those in need.

“I volunteer with adults with disabilities. I give them some of my time… I donate food at least twice a week to different families. Again, I love to cook, so if you say you’re hungry, my mama always said, never turn anybody down for food. You always make sure someone is fed,” Juwana told Chris and Mark.

Juwana brought some of her fan favorites for Chris and Mark to try, including cheesy shrimp balls, collard greens, cornbread, mac and cheese, potato salad, ribs, and salmon.

“I think that people see, you can feel such good wholesome ingredients. People will keep coming back for that, that’s for sure,” said Chris.
Chris ended the podcast by thanking Juwana for joining them and for everything she does for the community.

“Thank you for bringing this. I hope that everybody watching is calling you for every one of their catering events. They should be because,” Chris remarked, “this is good stuff right here,”

Simply Southern Catering with Juwana offers everything from catering large events to personal weekly meal preps, even vegan options. Juwana can be reached at, (904) 610-8982, or on her Facebook page,


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