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LEXINGTON PARK, Md. — Jehovah’s Witnesses will resume their trademark door-to-door ministry beginning September 1 when a two-and-half-year suspension of the work is officially lifted, just in time to begin a global campaign featuring a new interactive Bible study program. 

The decision to resume their door-to-door ministry marks the complete restoration of all pre-pandemic in-person activities for the 1.3 million Jehovah’s Witnesses in the 13,000 congregations in the United States. Houses of worship (called Kingdom Halls) were reopened April 1, witnessing in public places resumed May 31 and in-person conventions are once again being planned for 2023.

“I’m elated and can’t wait to go,” said Marva Dyson, who will be heading out to the neighborhood in the coming days. “I’m ready to help those that have lost loved ones, experienced natural disasters and other issues in life. I want to show them in their own copy of the Bible that we are living in historic times!”

The suspension of the public ministry was a proactive response by the organization to keep communities and congregants safe. The move was also unprecedented. Jehovah’s Witnesses had been preaching from house to house without interruption for more than 100 years through an economic depression, two world wars and global unrest. But COVID-19 demanded a different response.

“We believe that the early decision to shut down all in-person activities for more than two years has saved many lives,” said Robert Hendriks, U.S. spokesperson for Jehovah’s Witnesses. “We’re now ready and eager to reconnect with our neighbors once again – person to person, face to face. It’s not the only way that we preach, but it has historically been the most effective way to deliver our message of comfort and hope.”

The move coincides with a global campaign to distribute a new interactive Bible study program available in hundreds of languages at no cost. The program comes in the form of a book, online publication or as an embedded feature within the organization’s free mobile application, JW Library. Released in late 2020, the interactive study platform combines text, video, illustrations and digital worksheets to help learners of all ages. 

“This new study program is designed to match the learning needs of the 21st-century student,” said Hendriks. “We’re excited to begin sharing it with our neighbors as we return to making personal visits.”

The pandemic forced Jehovah’s Witnesses to quickly pivot to virtual meetings and conventions, while conducting their ministry exclusively through letters, phone calls and virtual Bible studies. This has led to growth in meeting attendance and the number of congregants, with more than 400,000 newly baptized witnesses joining the ranks of 120,000 congregations globally in just the first two years of the pandemic.

For more information about Jehovah’s Witnesses, their history, beliefs and activities, visit their official website,, with content available in more than 1,000 languages.

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  1. The irony is that they’re worried about covid harming people when, truthfully, their false teachings are leading them farther away from God.
    They used to come to my house back some 20 years ago and I schooled them on who God really is. I told them that he’s not the one they claim to believe in, so they sent a few of their “smarter” members to me. After about 30 minutes they left frustrated, and I never heard from them again.
    They’re a dangerous cult folks and they cannot lead you into a relationship with the real Jesus nor the Trinity. Avoid them at all costs…

    1. Many chapters of the Jehovas Witness are cults. A sister of a good friend of mine became a Jehova cultie and it took over her whole life. It was very distressing for her whole family.

      This person has now been a Jehova cult member for decades. They demand 95% of her time and most of her money. And she believes that Christmas is evil… Her family has truly lost her…

  2. I know about 15 people Jehovah Witnesses They are very very rude and nasty how can you preach something in town around and the devil is right in front of you yes I said the devil

  3. I guess because someone says it on the internet it must be true. CCWAM I’ve been reading your comments for a while now and let’s just say with all that knowledge, you’ve really missed the basics of Jesus’ teachings. Especially as regards to real-world application of Love of neighbor; whomever he might be. Just a thought.

    1. Jj; Maybe you should learn more about who Jesus really is and keep your “feel good” liberal opinions to yourself until you do! You should also turn off CNN and learn what’s really going on “here in the real world”. Your blindness about “love everyone” is only going to get you turned into a government slave real soon.
      Check out John 8 and learn how Jesus dealt with the Jewish people of his time, then call back in here and try again, OK cupcake?

      1. CCWAM thinks anyone who disagrees with him is a “Liberal”.

        Most people in Southern Maryland are in the middle, not extreme liberal and not extreme conservative either.

        Just common sense people who avoid the extremes on both sides.

        CCWAM is boxing with shadows cast by his imagination and having got himself too deep into overly-“political” stuff that most people are not interested in.

  4. I got nothing bad to say about Jehovahs Withnesses,to each their own religion, but I don’t believe in total strangers coming to my door selling their religion. With that said, yes today’s world is in need of more love, more kindness ,more understanding, and foregivness and every religion is based on that ,yours, mine and theirs, but don’t come selling yours at my door! I have my own!

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