LEONARDTOWN, Md. – Over 25 marriage applications have been filed in St. Mary’s County during the month of November:

November 1, 2022 

Darvin Martin Stauffer, 21, Mechanicsville, Md 

Eileen Horst Stauffer, 21, Mechanicsville, Md 

Alexander Paul Melo, 26, Lexington Park, Md 

Laura Ayano Miles, 27, Lexington Park, Md 

November 2, 2022 

Rachel Anne Morgan, 33, Hollywood, Md 

Buck Timothy Morris, 39, Hollywood, Md 

Anthony Michael Hartley, 46, Huntingtown, Md 

Jessica Colleen Johnson, 42, Huntingtown, Md 

November 3, 2022 

Emma Marie Hayes, 30, Ashburn, Va 

Justin Robert Schurtz, 32, Ashburn, Va 

Ronald Edward Gass, Jr., 26, Leonardtown, Md 

Courtney Marie Barnes, 23, Leonardtown, Md 

November 4, 2022 

Cristianna Carol Nelson, 25, Glen Burnie, Md 

Lauren Nichole Amshoff, 23, Glen Burnie, Md 

Roman Friedrich Burk, 21, Lexington Park, Md 

Maci Amira Williamson, 18, Lexington Park, Md 

Emily Catherine Rawlinson, 29, Leonardtown, Md 

Brandon Thomas Grenier, 30, California, Md 

Yancy Kirk Balagtas Capule, 26, Alexandria, Va 

Atticus Micah Hammonds, 25, Alexandria, Va 

Judi Beth Tennyson, 33, Mechanicsville, Md 

Joshua Adam Hill, 33, Mechanicsville, Md 

Madison Marie Piazza, 22, Solomons, Md 

Jusseth Miguel Velazquez, 27, California, Md 

November 7, 2022 

Robert Steven Nelson, Jr., 39, Mechanicsville, Md 

Billie Kathleen Johnson, 43, Mechanicsville, Md 

Liza Rae Macaspac Bundalian, 35, Great Mills, Md 

Edwin Matthew Buenafe Afante, 35, Great Mills, Md 

November 9, 2022 

Charles Timothy Moore, 41, Lexington Park, Md 

Angel Marie Zalovick, 37, Lexington Park, Md 

Korie M Yoder, 21, Charlotte Hall, Md 

Ruth Ann Stoltzfus, 22, Mechanicsville, Md 

November 10, 2022 

Lauren Grace Downs, 22, Mechanicsville, Md 

Brock Julian Daniel, 22, Owings, Md 

Casey Garrett Hill, 23, Charlotte Hall, Md 

Brianna Marie Edelen, 26, Charlotte Hall, Md 

November 14, 2022 

Robert John Miller, 63, Hollywood, Md 

Michelle Fe Villamero Taylaran, 32, Hollywood, Md 

Jacob A Swarey, 21, Charlotte Hall, Md 

Amanda Ruth Stoltzfus, 20, Mechanicsville, Md 

November 16, 2022 

Moses J Hostetler, 21, Charlotte Hall, Md 

Sarah F Stoltzfus, 22, Mechanicsville, Md 

November 17, 2022 

Kyle William Collins, 25, Drayden, Md 

Hannah Sue Heighes, 25, Drayden, Md 

November 18, 2022 

Katherine Stephanie Garcia Ascencio, 28, Lexington Park, Md 

Jose Fernano Linares Avalos, 29, Lexington Park, Md 

Stacie Jo Hoopengardner, 43, Hollywood, Md 

David Wilbur Woods, 66, Hollywood, Md 

Jennifer Lee Clopper, 35, Lexington Park, Md 

Collin Matthew Nickerson, 27, Leonardtown, Md 

November 22, 2022 

Alene Frances Hinebaugh, 69, Prince Frederick, Md 

Darrell Frederick, 73, Great Mills, Md 

November 23, 2022 

Peter Paul Truncale, 57, Waldorf, Md 

Anne Louise Hayden, 57, Avenue, Md 

November 28, 2022 

Jennifer Nicole Dent, 39, Callaway, Md 

Darnell Anthony Holley, Sr., Callaway, Md 

Sierra Ann King, 23, West Palm Beach, Fl 

Zachariah James Miller, 23, West Palm Beach, Fl 

Travis John Underwood, 25, Mechanicsville, Md 

Caylee Elizabeth Mattera, 25, Mechanicsville, Md 

November 30, 2022 

Kelsey Marie Hartley, 26, Charlotte Hall, Md 

Cody Steven Scott, 27, Charlotte Hall, Md 

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  1. it is a church teaching to get married before you have kids. + churches wouldn’t be in business in less they taught something. Yeah, if you wait to find the right 1, when you’re 80- to get married, are you going to have kids after that?? If you get pregnant before you get married, keep the kid, either raise it yourself or adoption. Not being married + being pregnant is not a sufficient reason to have an abortion.

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