Piccowaxen Middle School
Piccowaxen Middle School

NEWBURG, Md. – On March 29, a 14-year-old male student at Piccowaxen Middle School was charged in connection with allegations he inappropriately touched a female student.

The school resource officer was made aware of the assault and initiated an investigation.

The case was reviewed by the Charles County State’s Attorney’s Office. The student was subsequently charged on a juvenile offense report with assault and fourth-degree sex offense and released to a parent.

There were no other incidents reported and the investigation is ongoing.     

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  1. Just breaks my heart. But maybe these schools should be teaching children about respect and boundries. I worry if my child plays around with others this could happen. Teachers need to see more, Its not just being a teacher . We are our students helpers.

  2. I totally agree. I have a son and hes 10 and plays rough. What if someone takes it wrong. Teachers have our children for 6 hours a day, Im not blaming them but look at the recent violence. Teachers need to see more…

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