CALLAWAY, Md. – Sweet Blue Smoke, the local BBQ restaurant, is excited to announce its upcoming one-year anniversary party! They are looking for vendors to participate in the event, including a balloon artist and a family-oriented acoustic musician. 

Vendors will have free setup and can contact Sweet Blue Smoke at 240-496-6674 or via email at to provide their contact information and the type of vendor they are. 

More details about the event will be announced as the date approaches, including the exact time. Sweet Blue Smoke would like to thank everyone for their support during their first year and can’t wait to celebrate this milestone with the community. Stay tuned to their Facebook page for more updates.

In celebration of the event, on the 36th episode of The BayNet’s Podcast, “Get Real with Chris & Mark,” the hosts ‘Get Real’ with Nancy & Jim Bosket from Sweet Blue Smoke about the art of craft smoking and the story of how they got their start. 

Sweet Blue Smoke is different from your average barbecue joint. The owners, passionate about barbecue and have been perfecting their recipes for over a decade, use only wood fire to smoke their meats, resulting in clean and sweet blue smoke that imparts a delicious flavor without the sooty taste. 

“Blue smoke is when the fire is burning its cleanest. You have nice, clean smoke, and that’s pretty sweet,” Jim said. 

But the attention to detail doesn’t stop there. The owners are constantly looking for ways to improve and alter the smoke to enhance the flavors, and they even wear timers around their necks to check the fire and tend to the meat every 15 minutes.

“We’re probably our own worst critics. And that’s why, you know, when you’re spending 12 hours at a grill, it better taste good. And if there’s something that can be better, through the years, the next time you smoke, you make improvements,” Jim admitted. 

Sweet Blue Smoke isn’t just about the meat. They make everything in-house, including their sides and seven different BBQ sauces.

According to Nancy and Jim, they have been perfecting the original barbecue sauce for years. One of the owners became a Kansas City Barbecue Society judge and even judged the World Series of Barbecue twice. Through that experience, he was introduced to a recipe he used as a starting point for his sauce.

“Something that disappointed us in a number of barbecue places was the sides are like an afterthought… And if we were going to do them, we wanted to have them be something to eat,” Jim emphasized. 

The owners are serious about their sides and refuse to treat them as an afterthought. Instead, they take their cornbread and toast the crumbs of the cornbread, which they then use to top the mac and cheese.

During the podcast, Chris mentioned that their blueberry cornbread is a standout, with a sweetness that makes it almost a dessert. They even have honey butter to go with it.

What sets Sweet Blue Smoke apart is their attention to detail, passion for barbecue, and commitment to making everything in-house. Customers can taste the difference in their dishes, which are a testament to the owners’ dedication to their craft. 

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