To address student textbook affordability, the College of Southern Maryland College Store is offering students many ways to save on textbooks and supplies for the spring semester.  

“Textbook affordability is a key concern for many college students. They are searching for quality textbooks at affordable rates,” said Auxiliary Services Executive Director Marcy Gannon.


“We are offering students an option for lower textbook prices by renting textbooks through the College Store. Students can save up to 50 percent off the cost of a new or used textbook by renting a book for the semester,” said Gannon, adding that most college textbook rental programs apply only to new books. “At CSM, students can get the most value by renting a used book,” said Gannon.


In addition to lower prices, renting through the College Store saves time, shipping fees and errors, said Gannon. “Students get the right book at the right price at the right time—plus, re-using textbooks promotes recycling and encourages a green attitude,” she said.


Gannon and CSM Languages and Literature Professor Richard Siciliano, who has been with CSM for more than 40 years, have proactively worked to help lower student costs by encouraging faculty to compare textbook costs before adopting titles for their courses. “Faculty are much more aware of costs to students,” said Gannon, adding that CSM Text and Trade Book Manager Dona Batten is often included in discussions on what books faculty will be using which is rare in the industry.