Although recent events forced us in isolation and social distancing, it has also paved the way for us to look inside, learn new things, and grow exponentially. Major occasions were canceled and even family events were postponed. But we managed to celebrate with our loved ones in the digital sphere.

Zoom parties have never been more in demand. Birthday drive-bys are now a thing, and gift deliveries have become the go-to last-minute service.

Thanks to online shopping, you can buy gifts anywhere and at any time. With a few clicks, you can choose a gift that best suits your giftee whatever the occasion may be.

Everything’s fast approaching. Next thing we know, it’s the holidays again. And in between, we have upcoming birthdays and milestones that would need respective gifts.

It pays to be prepared, but if you’re reading this last minute, here are easy-to-send gifts that can go with any occasion.

1. Gourmet Gift Basket

Food is universal and every occasion has food. Make any celebration more festive by sending out something that showcases your refined tastes.

This gourmet gift basket is beautifully laden with savory delights that are best paired with decadent wine. For birthdays, special events, and intimate gatherings at home, this gift basket is always a delight.

2. Flowers

It’s refreshing to send flowers these days. They’re the most natural gifts from nature. And seeing and smelling one gives a sense of hope and abundance to the holder.

In general, flowers symbolize love and appreciation, but you may choose one that has a specific connection to your giftee since different types of flowers bear different meanings.

Good thing, delivery companies do a great job in handling these fragile items to make sure your recipient receives them in their freshest form.

3. Headspace Subscription

Now, this gift doesn’t need a delivery team to arrive at your recipient’s doorstep – it’s claimed in the digital space. You can send this on any occasion and it will be greatly appreciated especially if they’re into taking a break, de-stressing, and calming the mind.
Sleep and meditation apps have become increasingly popular not just to the older millennial’s but also to students and spiritually matured teens as well.

4. Books

You can never go wrong with books as a gift.These days, you can purchase an online book that they can read on their tablet. There’s also audio book that they can listen to while doing chores or running errands.

But there’s something about a tangible book. There’s a classic mystery to it that we will always find captivating despite the tech evolution of stories.

Either way, whether you’re sending an Audible subscription or a hardbound book their way, this is a gift any reader will love.

5. Self-Care Products

Time and time again, we’ve proven that one of the best gifts is showing how much we care. And this pandemic has taught us that we can gift this to ourselves by virtue of self-care.

Why not send something that will invite your friends and family to take some much-needed me-time? Self-care products go from spa packages to essential oils and scented candles to calming teas.

No matter the occasion, whether your recipient is young or young-at-heart, you can’t go wrong with the gifts above. Send one to your relative you haven’t seen in a while. Or send one to yourself – care doesn’t require an occasion.