Updated Press Release:

The families displaced from their homes following code enforcement inspections at the Hallowing Point Trailer Park will transition from the current temporary shelter by Friday, Feb. 7.

Calvert County Government has worked diligently to protect the health and safety of the families and meet their immediate needs. The county departments of Community Resources and Public Safety worked to provide temporary shelter and coordinate assistance. Those efforts will conclude on Friday.

The process of accessing further assistance to the families is now shifting to agencies charged with providing specific services such as rental assistance or other benefits. The Housing Authority of Calvert County, an independent agency that owns and manages public housing, is working to provide solutions to qualifying families. The Calvert County Department of Social Services, an arm of the Maryland Department of Human Resources, has case managers working with families to access suitable social services.

As these agencies take the lead in assisting the residents, work continues to ensure the code violations found at the trailer park are addressed. The Calvert County Health Department, an agent of both the state and county government, is inspecting dwellings that it cited for water and sewer violations. Once the Health Department deems them fit for habitation, residents will have the option of moving back in.

However, some dwellings may still have violations of the county’s minimum livability code. These can include problems such as roof leaks, faulty heating sources, broken windows and other issues. Residents may choose to live in the units while these issues are addressed. Calvert County Government, through the Inspections and Permits Division, is working to ensure these violations are promptly corrected. Inspections and Permits Division personnel are also working to access the remainder of the trailer park dwellings to which they were not granted access during the original inspections.

The Board of County Commissioners is grateful for the professionalism and dedication exhibited by county employees as they worked to help the families facing threats to their health and safety. We also thank the residents and local businesses who continue to provide support.




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