ANNAPOLIS, Md. – On January 18, 2023, Wes Moore was officially sworn in as the sixty-third Governor of the state of Maryland. Aruna Miller was also sworn in as the tenth Lieutenant Governor of Maryland.

Moore, the state’s first black Governor, spoke about the many issues he hopes to solve such as homelessness, child poverty, racial wealth gap, and raising the minimum wage.

“Maryland should not be 43rd in unemployment, or 44th in the cost of doing business,” Moore stated during his speech. “We do not have to choose between a competitive economy and an equitable one.”

As for Aruna Miller, who is Maryland’s first woman of color to be elected as Lieutenant Governor, she promised that the Moore and Miller administration will fight for equity.

“It was always about having the courage to be my authentic self in my space,” Miller stated. “We see you and we will fight for you. We will address the inequities of the past and build a Maryland where everyone will thrive.”

Many big names attended the ceremony, such as Chelsea Clinton and Oprah Winfrey.

Oprah explained that she first met Wes Moore in 2010 when she interviewed him for his book.

“I was so impressed with his integrity and his wisdom. He was wise beyond his years,” Oprah exclaimed.  “He knew who he was and he had a vision of who he intended to be and how he wanted to serve.”

Today was the start of a new era for Maryland. Moore and his administration plan to make sure that they leave no one behind.

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  1. Hope he doesn’t tax us to death and make us flee like O’Malley did to the State. Please! I don’t have much faith in Dems though. So I’m sure it won’t end well. But hopefully it does. Time will tell.

    1. Well, if Republicans would stop giving tax breaks to the rich and corporations (thus reducing INCOME), then democrats wouldn’t have to re-implement taxes (INCREASING income) to pay for the services you cry about getting cut.

      1. It’s not about the tax breaks “given” to anybody. It’s about overspending, freebies and giveaways to those not willing to work. MD is always ranked in the top 5 overtaxed states.

  2. How about equality under the law without degrading preferential “remedies” which are actually pathological.

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