You are an entrepreneur. You own a company or a startup of some kind. Or you work in an office, or in a company where you have to deal with writing at any level.
If you are or plan to be in any of these positions above, you know that writing skills are crucial to you.

Even though the advent of the internet has made some believe that we would read less, the truth is that the amount of writing increased.

We started using our phones less and typing e-mails and SMS messages more. And this is just one of the reasons why you need to start improving your business writing skills.

Why you should improve your business writing skills
So let’s start listing a couple of reasons why you should start improving your business writing skills as soon as possible:

You can get away with a few grammar mistakes – but just a few
Of course, you aren’t a professional writer, so you can get away with some grammar mistakes here and there, especially if you can disguise them as “typos”. What matter is that your writing is good enough to permit a flawless communication between you and your team or clients.

But what some people forget is that it means that you can’t just write without respecting the rules. If you do, there will be misinterpretations or worse – just remember all the funny cases of trouble caused by a missing comma.

Writing is more than just grammar 
Another thing that is important to highlight is the fact that writing is not only about grammar, spelling, and punctuation. It is also about style.

Not in the sense of becoming poetic, but business writing has the goal of influence people. Your writing that because you want to sell something, buy a supply, or engage your employees. And it is something that you can’t do without learning the basics first.

So this is why you are being invited to improve your business writing skills: so you can learn how to use words to conquer more clients and increase the motivation of your team.

You probably do a lot of writing at work

As mentioned above, the corporative world we live in nowadays is thirsty for written content.  Emails, newsletters, e-books, websites, blogs, social media profiles, reports, proposals, applications, press releases, products specs, everything that we use to communicate with our target audience requires some writing.

And even if you are a top executive in a big company, with a full team of public relations, content writers, and personal assistants ready to write for you anything you need, you might not be completely safe. You might find yourself in a situation, such as a conference, where you must come up with some writing.

Bad writing can damage your credibility and reputation

If you are an executive or an entrepreneur, you certainly don’t want to be remembered as the one who committed so many spelling mistakes that people could barely understand what you were saying.

Or worse: imagine if one of these mistakes end up in your social media account. As you know, the internet never forgets, and you will be in trouble for a very long time if something like this happens to you.

How to improve your business writing skills

Now that you hopefully are convinced about the importance of improving your business writing skills, let’s see a few ways to get it there:

  • Install Grammarly on your computer: Grammarly is an online service that will check your text for grammar, punctuation, and spelling in real time. And if you decide to buy the premium version, you will also get tips regarding vocabulary enhancement, style, and sentence structure. Plus, you can add it as a plugin to your Windows, Word and Chrome browser, so it can keep one eye on anything you write.
  • And install Ginger on your mobile phone and tablet: Ginger is another app as powerful as Grammarly but focused on mobile devices. It will create a customized keyboard for you and check everything you type for grammar, punctuation, and spelling. The app will also collect data from your most common mistakes and suggest you ways to tackle each one of them.
  • Use the services of an online writing agency: If you are preparing something that will go public, then you should consider outsourcing the writing to a specialized agency. They can do it much faster and better than you, and for a very affordable price. Between the good options in the marketing is BestEssay Education, a company ready to deliver your work back within 6 hours.
  • Read what experts have to say: There are several online publications with free tips about how to become a better business writer. They will tell you what the most common mistakes are, give you templates to any format you need, and let you know to be more persuasive from line one. And even if you don’t agree with all that is said, it is very likely that you will find many ideas that you can apply to your work from now on.
  • Hire a private tutor: But if you think that you need some urgent and long-term help, you should consider contracting a private tutor to give you some one-to-one lessons. Go to your local community center, the nearest university, and maybe have a look at Craiglist. You will certainly find someone qualified to analyze your needs and ensure that they disappear as soon as possible.

In Conclusion
As you see, you have many reasons to improve your business writing skills, and there are easy ways to make it happen. You can use apps, online services, and even a private tutor to help you out, for instance. And it won’t cost you much.

Just don’t let a few commas destroy your career, or your chances to get that job that you have always dreamed about. All that you will need is to spare a few hours of your week and dedicate yourself, and soon your writing will be outstanding.