Lexington Park, MD— On March.23, St.Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Dale Smith responded to the area of South Hampton for the report of a fight in the street. 

When Smith arrived on the scene he saw a very large crowd in the middle of the street.The crowd was dispersing. Smith was walking down the street when he, “saw the defendant Jasmine J. Brockington, 19, of Lexington Park, punch a male several times in the face,” according to charging documents. 

Smith approached Brockington to advise her that she was under arrest and to place her hands behind her back. According to charging documents, “I (Smith) grabbed Brockington’s left wrist and began to bring it around her back. Brockington pulled her wrist away from me (Smith) and began to run down the street.” 

A brief chase ensued between Smith and Brockington. Brockington was told to stop but ignored Smith’s orders. Brockington reached a fence and then stopped. 

According to charging documents, “I (Smith) had to arm bar the defendant to the ground. There she was taken into custody.” 

Brockington was charged and transported to St. Mary’s County Detention Center. She was charged with affray, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and failure to obey a lawful order. 

Brockington at this time does not have a scheduled court date. Brockington faces a maximum jail sentence of three years and four months and/or a maximum fine of $6,000. 

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