Urban tree projects like the one planned in the town of La Plata are important components to healthy urban ecosystems. The Alliance has planted many urban trees throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed, like shown in this photo in North Brentwood, MD. Photo credit: Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – The Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay (Alliance) was recently  awarded $300,000 to improve local water quality and habitat in Charles County, Maryland. The project will work collaboratively with partners to create an Urban Tree Canopy Plan, train 40 Chesapeake Tree Stewards on how to maintain and care for tree canopy, expand on the existing urban tree canopy, and reforest 55 acres of land.

The Alliance will work closely with the Town of La Plata and local community partners to develop an Urban Tree Canopy Plan that will be used by the town to meet long-term urban tree canopy maintenance and expansion goals. In partnership with the Maryland Forest Service, 40 Chesapeake Tree Stewards will be trained to increase and sustain urban tree canopy coverage. The Town’s existing urban tree canopy will be expanded by planting 75 new native trees.

Throughout Charles County, the Alliance will also work with County partners to develop and deliver a knowledge and awareness-building workshop that will include topics such as the benefits of native tree reforestation projects, local tree planting goals, and project planning resources. The County’s tree canopy will be expanded by reforesting an additional 55 acres of land with native trees.

Through this work, the Alliance will strengthen existing partnerships and create new partnerships, laying the foundation for future collaborative water quality and habitat projects in the region.

Partners in this effort include the following organizations and government agencies: Port Tobacco River Conservancy, Southern Maryland Audubon Society, and Dorchester Community Center Alliance, Town of La Plata Department of Planning and the Department of Legislative Services, Charles County Watershed Protection and Restoration Program, and Maryland Forest Service.

Alliance Maryland Restoration Program Manager said, “It is incredibly exciting to be expanding the Alliance’s work into Charles County and to be working with amazing local partners who have goals aligned with our mission. By working together on expanding tree cover in the area, there is no limit to the positive impact we can have on the local lands, waterways, and communities in the area.”

Director of Planning for the Town of La Plata said, “The Town of La Plata is delighted to be able to work  in partnership with the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay to create an urban tree canopy plan, train local tree stewards and plant trees. We welcome this opportunity for our Town to be more environmentally friendly and to ensure we are proactive in maintaining a tree canopy. Maryland’s forests are disappearing at a rapid rate and with the help of the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, hopefully the Town can be part of the solution!” 

About the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay:
The Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay (Alliance) is a regional nonprofit organization whose mission is to bring together communities, companies, and conservationists to improve our lands and waters. The Alliance implements local programs that connect people to their waterways and becomes directly involved in restoration efforts. The Alliance was founded in 1971 and has offices in Annapolis, MD, Lancaster, PA, Washington, D.C., and Richmond, VA. For more information about the Alliance, visit allianceforthebay.org.