CHARLOTTE HALL, Md. – The St. Mary’s County Planning Commission approved a concept site plan for a Chipotle Mexican Grill to be constructed where the former Charlotte Hall Motel is located.

According to county documents, the property’s owner, Golden Beach LLC, will be demolishing the motel to construct a 2,300-square-foot restaurant.

The project will include a drive-thru and approximately 36 parking spaces, as regulated by the town center’s zoning laws.

The news of the Chipotle’s approval came just before the St. Mary’s County Board of Appeals reversed the Planning Commission’s decision on a Royal Farms and Starbucks less than a mile down on Three Notch Road.

The attorney representing the Chipotle project, Sue Greer, mentioned during the hearing that the anticipated traffic impact that this project will have on the area is expected to be minimal.

Although sought, no public input was received on the project.

The Planning Commission passed the conceptual plan by a unanimous vote.

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  1. Shame to see all the old landmarks being replaced by chains with no personality
    I’m the late seventies by best friends uncle owned that motel
    Remember going swimming in the pool out front in summertime

    1. Would’ve been the perfect place to help out people the homeless people who were born and raised in the area but, are now homeless. Already setup as an efficiency apartment at no cost to the occupants. That’s too much like right though.

      1. Mike, do you have the funds to build such a facility? Also how do you know they are born and raised here? No cost to the occupants? So you want myself, the tax payers to foot the bill? No thanks…

  2. Just as a number of Chipotle’s and Starbucks plan to close, they come up with this winner. St. Mary’s intelligence committee is on fire.

  3. My mother use to work at this motel when it was owned by Julia Stevenson when I believe i was 13 years old. I’m 66 years old now..

    Wow – a good idea for the community in my hometown to approve of a Chipotle’s and it’s one of my granddaughter Jasmine favorite eating fast food restaurant. Enjoy everyone when it’s completed!!

    1. Sonic? Sonic is garbage… Texas Roadhouse would be nice, however it’s up the businesses or whoever wants to build in the location.

      1. agreed Sonic is horrid. Texas Roadhouse would get ny vote, but a Denny’s or Silver Diner would too.

  4. I would love to see more come to Charlotte Hall. Not so much big chains but I know right now isn’t a good market for small businesses to just build a new restaurant. But…. as far as big chains, I would love to see a chickfila and a sheetz develop here. I know they don’t build much of these any more but a neighborhood walmart would be nice too. I love spending my money in the county I live in, but it stinks to have to drive down to Lexington Park and California just to shop every week.

  5. I’m excited for a Chipotle to be added! It would also be great if we could get more farm-to-table restaurants too since we have so many good local farmers around.

  6. It’s safe to say this is a $hi##y way to start the weekend, I’m feeling weak and got Chipotle coming out of each end.

  7. I love Chipotle however I cannot believe that adding another business to that already overcrowded dangerous intersection is a good idea. You can hardly get through there as is. Not to mention the tons of people who ride the shoulder to turn on Golden Beach Road. This is just gonna cause more accidents and more traffic and not a minimal amount but ALOT!!

  8. Can we please get a nice hotel in Charlotte Hall or Mechanicsville for our guests that come in town. That would be great

  9. Looking forward to it!….Bring on the Aldi’s, Starbucks, Chiptle, Royal Farms and Chick-fil-A…BREAK GROUND ALREADY

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