Prince Fredrick’s Tromain Mackall was murdered and the complex details have his family, friends and an entire Southern Maryland community wanting answers, but most importantly, justice.

Mackall, 29, was reported missing to the Ohio County Sheriff’s Office in Kentucky, July 25, and determined to be murdered and his body positively identified by the Grayson County Coroner Joe Brad Hudson and Kentucky State Medical Examiners office August 23.

“It’s still under investigation,” Corey King said Thursday evening, Aug. 25. King is a trooper and Public Affairs officer for the Kentucky State Police Henderson Post 16.

King said the investigation was originally being handled by two separate Kentucky State Police (KSP) posts–Elizabethtown Post 4 and Henderson Post 16, which encompass Davies, Grayson and Ohio counties. The case was subsequently turned over to KSP Post 16 to take the lead.

Mackall’s case started as a missing person case in Ohio County. The reported disappearance occurred during a party on the Ohio County and Davies County lines. Mackall’s body was found in Grayson County.

Mackall was reported missing by his significant other, Jonathan Ray DeWitt, 35, of Beaver Dam, KY, also known by his transgender name as Simone Dahlia.

Mackall moved from Southern Maryland near Owensboro, KY to live with DeWitt in February.

“He was my soulmate. He was the love of my life. We were going to get married this month,” DeWitt’s Facebook status read in part, after Mackall was reported missing.

DeWitt’s Facebook was listed as Simone Dahlia and has since been deleted.

Tromain (Mackall) moved to Owensboro to be with his girlfriend he met 10-years-ago on MySpace,” Ashley Howell said. “She (DeWitt) is a transgender woman—a transgender webcam model.”

Howell is Mackall’s cousin and has been serving as family spokesperson.

Originally, Howell told TheBayNet Mackall moved to Kentucky to be with DeWitt in January, but she later said February was accurate.

Howell told TheBayNet—and said in other recorded interviews with media sources—that Mackall’s family feels DeWitt knows more than he is revealing to authorities.

Mackall’s autopsy report determined he died from multi-modal asphyxia (strangulation), at some point bound and stuffed into a pickup truck toolbox that was discovered August 2 in the waters of the Spring Fork Creek, in Falls of Rough, KY in Grayson County.

DeWitt has a legal history that includes violence. DeWitt registered as a sex offender in March of this year after being convicted of sexual assault against a 70-year-old victim.

Howell was quoted by various news media saying Mackall’s family suspect that a body found Aug. 2 in Grayson County, Kentucky, was his weeks before the body was officially identified by dental records.

Tina Jackson said family and friends held a vigil for Mackall Aug. 13 in Solomons at the Solomons Island pier gazebo. She said approximately 40 people were in attendance.

When asked if people at the party he was last seen at were suspects or persons of interest, King said they are not suspects at this time.

“Persons of interest is a foreign term to us, we don’t use it,” Kind said. “We have leads and we are following them. It is under investigation.”

He said people have been interviewed to help better develop a timeline.

“There is nothing new we can report at this time,” King said. “Right now we are building a timeline.”

















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