LEONARDTOWN, Md. – Several employees of the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office were recognized this week for excellent performance during the third quarter of 2021 by their supervisors and peers.

Cpl. Gerard Muschette, School Resource Officer at Great Mills High School, was named as Deputy of the Quarter.

Capt. Steven Hall and Cpl. Gerard Muschette

Cpl. Muschette was awarded for his leadership qualities while working at Great Mills High School. As a School Resource Officer, Cpl. Muschette is often called upon to intervene in physical altercations, to mentor students, to investigate various crimes and to assist school staff with new and inventive ways to solve potential problems. The Corporal takes the time to interact with students and to get to know them. He shows genuine concern for their experiences at school, as well as their lives outside of school.

Correctional Officer of the Quarter: CFC Monica Moncivais-Romero

Deputy Warden Mary Ann Thompson and CFC Monica Moncivais-Romero

Moncivais-Romero was awarded for her job performance as Pretrial Case Manager at the St. Mary’s County Detention and Rehabilitation Center, ensuring community public safety by assisting with the monitoring of about 120 pretrial offenders each day. She is also the only female member of the facility’s Emergency Response Team. Moncivais-Romero also created a Spanish version of Pretrial Condition of Release agreements — a self initiated project.

Professional Staff of the Quarter: Kelly Crosby, Administrative Coordinator (not pictured)

Crosby was awarded for her role in covering additional duties within the Vice Narcotics Division during the third quarter. Specifically, Crosby foiled the plan of two inmates who conspired to obtain prescriptions by fraud.

Sheriff’s Salutes:

Thompson and CO Alexander Tippett

CO Tippett was awarded for his discovery during the quarter of an item of contraband under an inmate’s bunk. His attention to detail ensured the safety of both inmates as well as staff.

Thompson and CO Jordan Wagner

CO Wagner was awarded for his recovery of contraband hidden under an inmate’s bunk, protecting the safety of inmates and of staff.

Thompson and Sgt. Melissa Dodson

Sgt. Dodson was awarded for locating contraband on the person of an inmate, preventing its introduction into the facility.

Capt. David Yingling and Deputy Brandon Reynolds

Deputy Reynolds was awarded for his contributions in identifying suspects in open investigations, while attending the Southern Maryland Criminal Justice Academy as a Deputy Recruit.

Capt. Yingling and Deputy Casey Hill

Deputy Hill was recognized for his dogged determination in successfully locating a stolen vehicle during the quarter.

Capt. Steven Hall and Cpl. Kristi Nelson

Cpl. Nelson was recognized by her fellow deputy for her continued assistance in the National Night Out program here in St. Mary’s County. There was no directive for Cpl. Nelson to assist; she did so to help a fellow officer. Because of her willingness to go above and beyond, this year’s National Night Out was another success.

DFC Daniel Sidorowicz (not pictured)

A detective with the Criminal Investigations Division for two years, Deputy First Class Sidorowicz was commended for his extensive work on two homicide investigations during the quarter. Detective Sidorowicz with the assistance of CID has punctiliously investigated each of these offenses, unraveling networks of criminal activity, associations, code words and affiliations to identity the suspects responsible.