RICHMOND, Va. – Online enrollment for Project Plant It!, the free environmental education program created by Dominion Energy to teach children about the important role of trees in the ecosystem, is now open across regions served by the company. The program is available for children of all ages and grade levels, including those in schools, scout troops, civic and church groups, environmental clubs and other entities that work with youth. A hallmark of the program is the distribution of free tree seedlings to all enrolled participants in honor of Arbor Day.

“Project Plant It! is one of the many ways Dominion Energy supports education and invests in local communities,” said Hunter A. Applewhite, president of the Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Dominion Energy. “When it’s time to celebrate Arbor Day on April 27, 2018, Dominion Energy will have distributed 500,000 tree seedlings to participants since 2007 – an exciting milestone. This innovative tree-planting program for children aligns with our mission to promote environmental stewardship in a fun, meaningful and memorable way.”

The program will distribute 60,000 redbud tree seedlings in 2018, a 20 percent increase over the amount in 2017, in the states served by Dominion Energy.  Educators, group leaders and parents who are interested in participating can register by going to and clicking on “Request Your Free Tree Seedlings” from the home page. If the zip code is confirmed as being in an eligible area, free red-bud tree seedlings can be requested. Seedlings will be shipped to arrive in time for Arbor Day. The deadline to register is February 19, 2018 or while supplies last.

Spring 2018 marks the 12th year of Project Plant It! since the program launched in 2007. This year, to further engage children about trees in the ecosystem, a new lesson plan about conservation of natural resources has been added to the Educator’s Guide on the website. The Guide now includes 12 lesson plans that support third-grade learning standards for math, science, language arts and social studies. All of the lesson plans can be downloaded at no charge from, and they can be adapted easily to grade levels from preschool through college.

In addition to the lesson plans, the website features free instructional tools such as interactive games and educational videos about trees, along with a variety of outdoor activities that families can enjoy together.

Fast Facts about Project Plant It!:

Project Plant It! was established by Dominion Energy in 2007 to educate children, plant trees and improve the environment. The tree seedlings are grown and shipped to participants in April by the Arbor Day Foundation, a longtime partner with Dominion Energy. From 2007-2018, more than 500,000 tree seedlings will have been distributed to children in states where Dominion Energy operates. According to the Virginia Department of Forestry, this equates to about 1,250 acres of new forest if all of the seedlings are planted and grow to maturity.

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