DUNKIRK, Md. – The Dunkirk Warriors Youth Athletics is a storied nonprofit 501(c) organization that has offered boys and girls lacrosse, tackle and flag football, and cheerleading teams to the community for several years.

Martin O’Callaghan, president of the Dunkirk Warriors boys and girls club, told us a bit about the organization whose goals are “to serve the youth in the community by fostering in them the principle of fair play, good sportsmanship, competitive spirit, tolerance, and friendship.” 

The teams play in the Southern Maryland Youth Athletic Conference and have many different age groups including flag football for children aged 4-5. 

O’Callaghan wanted to highlight one of the Dunkirk Warriors’ newest football coaches, Angel Pilat, who is now coaching the 10ud2 Tackle Football Team. 

According to O’Callaghan, Angel is the Warriors’ first female Head Football Coach.

“She’s been helping run sidelines for many years, and this year we’ve had some tremendous growth. Football, in general, has grown a lot this year, so I had to fill four coaching spots. Angel inquired about the position, and she got it,” said O’Callaghan. 

O’Callaghan mentioned that this past Saturday, all nine of their tackle teams would be playing in Lancaster Park against the Pax River Raiders. 

We asked Pilat how the games went, and she said her team won, giving them a current record of 1-1. 

Pilat says she grew up in a family with a love for football, and her boys have carried on the tradition with three playing for the Dunkirk Warriors Football teams. 

“I didn’t realize how much I would enjoy it,” said Pilat. “Every time I see them progressing it’s very fulfilling.” 

For more information on the Dunkirk Warriors, visit http://www.dunkirkwarriors.org/

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